Myriad Technologies Attending Pacific Endeavour 2019

Members and delegates of the United States Indo-Pacific Command, more commonly known as INDOPACOM recently touched down in Papua New Guinea in preparation of its annual Pacific Endeavour Exercise (PE19). This exercise has been running for five years now, and gives the members and delegates of INDOPACOM the opportunity to gain as close to real world experience as they can through the replication of High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR) events. PE19 is INDOPACOM’s capstone event in this series, and is simulating a Tsunami.  

 At the conclusion of PE19, there is a day of technology demos, which this year will be taking place on Thursday 16th August 2019, where companies from around the world are invited to Papua New Guinea to present. Myriad Technologies is proud to announce that they have been invited to display at the technology demo at PE19 alongside large global organisations such as Dell, AT&T and Microsoft.  

 Myriad Technologies directors Perry Smith and James Milne will be touching down in Port Moresby next Wednesday in preparation for our tech demo on Thursday, where they will be demonstrating the S2IX platform. As an enterprise-grade information management system built on SharePoint, S2IX is well suited to keeping INDOPACOM connected more than ever before during HADR events with self-contained, connecting synchronising nodes. Particularly at the end of the PE19 exercise, the presentation of S2IX will show members and delegates of INDOPACOM that the distribution, sharing and collaboration of data during a HADR event is not only possible, but can work smoothly with S2IX. 

 To learn more information about the S2IX platform and how it can help you, visit the website at