MilCIS 2018 officially largest in event's history

There is less than a month to go until the Military Communications and Information System's Conference (MilCIS) in Canberra, and with 94 companies exhibiting, the event is officially the largest in its 11-year history.

Now that the draft program has been published, we can announce – in more detail – exactly what we're bringing to the conference. 

Specifically, Myriad Technologies has two tutorial slots and one product brief. Presentations for all three sessions will take place on Day Two of the conference. Below are the details for the presentations, including summaries.

Wednesday, 14th November

1.30pm : Session 2.9a 

Tutorial: Using SharePoint to Support C2


SharePoint is a powerful and flexible platform, but when it comes to supporting the warfighter, it lacks a number of features that are required to properly support C2. This includes information replication and federation, support for information classification and releaseability, and a number of other key areas. In this session, we explore enhancements to SharePoint that enable the platform to properly and fully support the warfighter in a variety of operating contexts, including land and sea. 

2.30pm: Session 2.9b

Tutorial: Interagency Collaboration in a Cyber-Secure Way


We live in a less safe world today than we did 5 years ago. It is not being paranoid about someone trying to steal your information if you actually know it is true.  If the past few years have taught us anything, it is that information can be stolen and in a variety of unexpected and innovate ways.  The traditional response is to double down on emails that are encrypted, or, for some, paper remains a viable way of communicating. There is a better way! In this session you will discover a variety of ways of securing your information that make it all but impossible for someone to steal that information. Collaborating in a new cyber secure way across domain boundaries will become the norm, but for now, it is still considered leading edge. In this session we explore how to achieve that with today's tooling and techniques! 

4pm: Session 2.9c

Product brief: S2IX – Information Appliance 


Secure search, simplified!

In a nutshell, Secure Search and Information Exchange (S2IX) is an enterprise grade appliance allowing organisations like Defence to solve a range of repeatable business processes consistently across the organisation. S2IX takes repeatable business processes to the next level, by recognising repeatable patterns of business activities. These business activities can look like:  

  • Warfighter services (SITREP, CUBS, RFI's etc) 

  • Project management collaboration environments  

  • Communities of interest and communities of practice 

  • Investigations and operations  

  • Intranet and presentation services 

Users of this service can be at any point in the network (PIN). The service and appliance can scale from a vehicle, truck or ship all the way through to whole of organisation.   

Information is seamlessly replicated across the organization, providing simple and easy records and compliance to Australian and international standards.

S2IX fully supports cloud implementations and is available through the ASD accredited Canberra protected Data Centre to protected level. S2IX is also available at secret and above level through on-premise hardware or through Cloud on-premise technologies like Azure stack. This means that the same consistent implementation is available regardless of environment and PIN of the users.  

Imagine being able to implement a solution like an embarked force mission planning and mission support template in a week, rather than a year. That same solution could provide on ship access to information that has not been seen since collaboration at sea was built and developed by the coalition forces in Lotus notes.  This session will demonstrate this, through the power and capability of S2IX. 

MilCIS 2018 will take place over November 13-15. The aim of the conference is to stimulate conversation around technology in a defence context, between those working inside Australia's defence force and those on the outside; contractors, like us. 

We look forward to engaging with you at MilCIS 2018.