Nintex study finds Digital Transformation reaps returns and opportunities for improvement

Nintex study finds Digital Transformation reaps returns and opportunities for improvement24 Sep, 2018 | Sophie Blackshaw

In early September Nintex released the findings of their latest study, which investigated how company decision makers and line of business employees view their enterprise digital transformation progress, success, and challenges.

The study, titled The State of Intelligent Process Automation Study, found that 64 per cent of companies have followed a formal digital transformation plan for three or less years, with the remaining third following one for a year or under. 

It also found that despite most companies being in the early stages of digital transformation, 94 per cent of decision makers say their transformation efforts are already delivering returns on their investments. 

However, the study also revealed that only about half of line-of-business employees comprehend the ideas behind digital transformation, let alone realise their employer has a plan in action. Further, less than a third of non-managerial staff are aware there is a digital transformation project underway. 

Nintex sees this lack of digital transformation visibility as an opportunity for business leaders to better engage and encourage staff going forward. 

The study, which was conducted in the United States, also found that 38 per cent of leaders blamed a lack of enough in-house talent for their digital transformation failures. Seventy-one per cent of company decision makers find it difficult to hire for digital transformation roles; these enterprises intended to hire additional staff to progress their transformation efforts. 

Ultimately, what the study revealed is that there is a distinct, known barrier to success in digital transformation; poor top-down communication. To find out more about the study and its findings, download it from the Nintex site here