Myriad Technologies at Military Communications and Information Systems Conference 2019

This year’s Military Communications and Information Systems (MilCIS) conference is fast approaching, with only four weeks to go until this annual event. Last year was the conferences largest year to date, with over 94 companies exhibiting, and we are expecting this year to be bigger and better than ever!

The draft program for MilCIS 2019 has now been published, so now we can announce – in more detail – what you can expect from Myriad Technologies at this year’s conference.

As always, you can find us in the exhibition hall, so if you are attending the event, come along to booths three and four to say hi! We also have three speaking slots, with our product brief and one tutorial taking place on day one (Tuesday 12th November 2019), and our second tutorial taking place on day two (Wednesday 13th November 2019) of the conference. Below are the details for each of our presentations, including summaries.

Tuesday, 12th November

2.30pm: Session 1.6d

Product Brief: Taking S2IX from the Cloud to the Tactical Edge

Presenter: Mr Perry Smith, Strategic Partner Manager


Revolutionary advances in cloud capabilities has allowed S2IX to be deployed in a deployable cloud that can be extended from the core data centre out to the tactical edge – and back! During this update, we will cover how we use S2IX to empower digital transformation in Defence organisations using Azure, Azure Stack and Azure Data Box. The Azure platform and services enables the application of Cognitive Services and Machine Learning to data collected anywhere from the core to the tactical edge. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to automatically identify and tag content can dramatically decrease the time to share time sensitive information throughout the network.

By incorporating advanced deployable techniques and tools, the same platform can underpin multiple key business imperatives, including Federated Mission Networking, government-to-government information exchange.

Combining this technology with products like Mediaflux has also allowed us to perform data analysis on the tactical edge and flow the results back through to primary networks without placing undue burden on those networks. Mediaflux enables the collection and analysis of high definition video from various sources at the edge of the network. The ability to collect, classify and analyse data at the edge is a true game changer in the deployed environment.

Finally, we will demonstrate how to support services down to single soldier. Technology from Blackned, a leading German armed forces provider is directly interconnected to S2IX to provide end point services.

5.00pm: Session 1.8f

Tutorial: Interoperable Mission Capability Using Cloud Services

Presenter: Mr Perry Smith, Strategic Partner Manager


Securely sharing and exchanging information from headquarters out to the tactical edge is a critical element of information superiority. Enabling coalition forces to securely share and exchange time sensitive information within a federated partnering environment will dramatically increase the C2 function within any joint operation. Modern cloud services can be rapidly deployed to support each phase of mission planning through to mission execution and after action reporting. Cloud services provide unlimited compute and storage on demand at the click of a button. This capacity and flexibility dramatically change mission planning and execution in the modern theatre with deployable private clouds.

Wednesday, 13th November

1.30pm: Session 2.5f

Tutorial: Gathering Insights from the Tactical Edge

Presenter: Mr Nathan Pearce, National Sales Manager


Supporting command and control from the core to the tactical edge is a challenging problem space, which is complicated by many moving parts and intermittent communication links. The tactical edge holds a treasure trove of time sensitive information, which is only of value if it can be seen and actioned by command and the rest of the elements within the network. During this tutorial we will explore the challenges associated with gathering and distributing mission critical information and insights from the tactical edge and bringing these back to the core to support mission management. Also as part of this tutorial, we will cover lessons from the tactical edge and how you can gather and analyse lessons from previous missions and deployments. These insights can be used to gain significant Operational efficiencies throughout the deployed network and for future operations.

MilCIS 2019 will be taking place over November 12-14 2019 at the National Convention Centre in Canberra. The aim of the conference is to facilitate a continuing dialogue between Department of Defence employees, contractors (like us), industry and researchers to discuss current and developing technological capabilities, project initiatives and operational requirements.

For more information on our dialogue with these personnel, and how we can help you, contact us today.