Myriad Technologies CTO James Milne speaking at Digital Workplace Conference 2018

Over August 15-16, Myriad Technologies CTO James Milne will leave the Brisbane office to be part of the Digital Workplace Conference (DWC) in Melbourne.

Now in its ninth year, the DWC provides a unique opportunity for attendees to learn about, embrace, and take away new ways of working digitally. As part of the digital transformation narrative, the conference is about communicating, collaborating and placing the focus on building a productive workplace – ideas we echo at Myriad. 

James' presentation will explore how Microsoft PowerApps and Flow can be used to empower citizen developers to digitally transform their business processes. During his session he will provide an overview of the road map for PowerApps and Flow, demonstrating how citizen developers can be empowered to design and build their own mobile applications and workplaces to automate their own business processes. 

Other speakers at the conference will also focus on what's new and upcoming with the Office 365 apps, including Hub Sites, Modern Pages and Microsoft TEAMS. 

James' talk will run for an hour from 4.45pm on the first day of the conference (August 15). To find out more about his presentation, to view the conference schedule, or learn more about the conference as a whole, head to the website at