Azure Australia Central Regions deliver unmatched capability for mission-critical workloads

With the launch of Microsoft's Azure Australia Central Regions in Canberra, highly-regulated organisations can confidently deploy their mission-critical workloads to the cloud. These new regions are designed to support both unclassified and protected data. They also deliver unprecedented levels of security, resilience, colocation flexibility, and connectivity via the specialised intra governmental communications network (ICON). They are exclusively for the use of government and critical national infrastructure commercial organisations and their trusted suppliers serving areas such as healthcare, banking and finance, transport and utilities. 

Key benefits for your organisation or agency include: 

  • Speed to market: save time and money by leveraging Azure services to design, test and deploy new apps, with the continuity to deploy wherever and whenever you need to.

  • Faster, better decisions: unlock your data by utilising proprietary or open source data analytics tools to unlock insights.

  • Flexible ways of working: Azure supports a range of open source and proprietary development languages, platforms and databases, including Linux, Apache and MySQL, so you can use the tools and frameworks best suited to your needs.

  • Ultimate security: have the confidence that the Azure services you use are fully certified by the Australian Signals Directorate for Unclassified and Protected Data.

  • Compliance: manage unclassified and protected data securely from the Australian-owned, secret-accredited facilities of Canberra Data Centres.

  • Resilience: ensure high availability and disaster resilience from the only global cloud in multiple Australian regions.

  • Designed for mission critical apps: benefit from heightened resilience, hybrid flexibility and direct connectivity.

  • Hybrid flexibility: modernise your apps on your terms, with the option to co-locate your mission critical systems within the same datacentre as Azure's cloud.

  • Connectivity: reduce network costs and improve performance by connecting via the government's Intra Government Communications Network (ICON), or deploy your own specialised network.

Unsure whether or not you're eligible? We can help you get started. 

The Azure Australia Central regions are exclusively for the use of Australian and New Zealand government and critical national infrastructure commercial organisations and their suppliers from the following sectors. Organisations outside of these sectors may also be eligible, depending on their specific circumstances. 

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Why Myriad Technologies? 

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Myriad Technologies is now able to offer Secure Search and Information Exchange (S2IX) in the Azure Australia Central Regions. We also: 

  • Create the ability for users to safely collaborate and manage documents in an environment they can depend on, even in the most remote or challenging locations.

  • Provide enhanced security using claims-based security, particularly utilising clearance levels, nationalities and caveats.

  • Deliver Enterprise Information Management (EIM), which enables the mapping of localised information to centralised EIM structures, driving a full information management lifecycle from cradle-to-grave.

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