James Milne presenting at Nintex xchange 2018

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Over February 26-28 in San Diego, California, Nintex partners, executives, IT experts and others will converge on the Manchester Grand Hyatt for the Nintex xchange™ 2018 conference. 

Through dozens of informative sessions, the event promises to usher in a "new era of Intelligent Process Automation" by showcasing the advanced capabilities of Nintex's popular no-code workflow and content automation platforms. 

Among session presenters is Myriad Technologies founder and CIO James Milne, whose presentation will explore digital transformation in law enforcement.  

Titled Customer Success: Creating a Law Enforcement Operating Platform with Nintex and MSAM', James' segment will demonstrate how, through case studies, Nintex technologies are set to have the most impressive impact on the law enforcement sector.  

James will examine the many challenges that those who fight crime encounter on a daily basis, discussing how, in the context of process automation, Myriad's solutions are changing the way law enforcement operates. 

Specifically, he will divulge how the Law Enforcement Operating Platform (LEOP) - a Myriad creation – provides officers with a comprehensive workspace to create new investigations, and organise information related to their investigations. It's about policing, not paperwork. 

The presentation falls in the 'Use Cases, Scenarios & Industry Examples' category, one of six intended to reveal how big data, paired with recent advancements in artificial intelligence, is transforming every facet of our lives, from the way we receive healthcare to the way we shop.  

During James' session, attendees can expect to learn about how linking different technologies is changing the landscape of the process automation. 

"Seeing the application of Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud-Based workflow, the advent of webhooks has changed the way workflows and IoT can work together," James said. 

Webhooks allow an app to provide other applications with real-time information, delivering data to other apps as it occurs. 

"We're already seeing customers wire-up chat bots to Nintex Workflow Cloud workflows." 

More information on what James is presenting will be revealed via Nintex in days to come. In the meantime, head to the official Nintex xchange™ website here to find out more information about the event.