Myriad Technologies Managing Director Perry Smith attending Microsoft Inspire Las Vegas

The annual Microsoft Inspire conference is just around the corner, and with Myriad Technologies managing director Perry Smith flying all the way to Las Vegas from Brisbane to attend, we thought we would ask him a few questions about the event.

Inspire is Microsoft's largest – and possibly most exciting conference – held primarily for its partner community, of which there are around 25,000 organisations, including Myriad.

The conference gives partners insight as to what direction Microsoft will be taking for the upcoming year and to learn about the latest and greatest software and products.

Perry said that the conference is also a great opportunity to catch up with other partners from around the world.

"We attend the conference to allow free-flowing conversations and discussions with executives, managers and key players with our most important strategic partner, Microsoft. In a busy world, this conference represents a unique and rare annual opportunity to meet busy leaders and do so in an environment that is away from the day to day pressures of getting the job done," Perry said.

"It shows our commitment to Microsoft and equally, on a global scale, theirs to us."

This year, for the first time, Inspire will be teaming up with Microsoft Ready, which is Microsoft's annual sales, marketing and technical conference, attended by over 21,000 international employees. Ready will take place in the same week in Las Vegas. 

On the Partner Blog, Microsoft explained that the "co-location represents an unprecedented opportunity for Microsoft partners to make meaningful connections with even more of the Microsoft community".

So, what is Perry most excited about for Inspire?

"Unlike the technical conference, the business conference allows conversations around how our customers are using the Microsoft technology to solve a range of modern day challenges and problems," he said.

"Being a part of the conference that has as many as 25,000 partners worldwide attend creates opportunities to exchange ideas and gain insights from other partners about what is working and what is not!"

Perry can also look forward to some serious celebrating; on the Wednesday of the conference, which runs from July 15-19, Inspire will have set up a night of fun, food and entertainment on the Las Vegas Motor speedway, headlined by an eleven-time Grammy Award winner. 

Those of staying behind in the office will look forward to his return. 

For more information about Microsoft Inspire, go to the webpage.