Nintex study finds employees quit jobs over broken IT processes

This month, workflow and content automation leader Nintex released a study confirming that the most employees quit their jobs over poor processes.

The findings were published in their study, titled Definitive Guide to America's Broken Processes. 

Designed to evaluate why employees across various industries leave companies, or - more specifically, how closely their quitting is linked to poor processes – the study found that a huge 72 per cent were looking for employment elsewhere because they felt IT processes were broken.

This compares to 58 per cent of employees whom – while not looking for a new job – still felt IT processes were problematic. 

More than 70 per cent of employees also believed that onboarding processes and admin processes were broken.

Overall, of those surveyed actively looking for new jobs, 86 per cent said their company's processes are a factor in their decision to leave. 

While technology troubleshooting causing employees to quit is a major problem on its own, in its wake it creates a number of other complex issues.

For example, when IT processes regularly malfunction, non-IT employees tend to blame IT workers, resulting in what Nintex labels "shadow IT". This is when employees take matters into their own hands, and any sense of technological uniformity is slowly, insidiously, lost. 

Worse still, shadow IT sees employees using unsanctioned devices or apps as a direct result of unresolved IT issues, putting company data at risk. 

Nintex highlights in the study that while technology can help eliminate employee frustration, attrition and lost productivity, the organisation must also take active steps towards breaking down information silos.

This can be started by examining internal workflows "with an eye toward identifying and repairing sources of disconnect between IT and the rest of the business". 

With this in mind, it's easy to understand the importance and benefit of workflow analytics tools in the modern workplace.

Workflow automation technology can provide companies with actionable data to better bring IT into the business (thus not leaving IT on the outside), while making processes across the organisation clearer and more uniform. 

By reducing attrition in your workplace, both time and money will be saved, not to mention employee satisfaction. 

While the study was restricted to the United States, there are certain parallels between Australian and US workplace traditions, meaning the results of the study could comparably be applied here too. You can view the findings in full by clicking here.


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