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Department of Defence

​​​​Country or Region: Australia

Industry: Defence

Also applicable to: Mining, Maritime, Exploration and Government

Customer Profile

The Australian Government Department of Defence aims to promote the security of Australia, and to protect its people and its national interests.

Business Situation

The Australian Department of Defence needed to communicate and collaborate between deployable joint force (mobile, sea bearing HQ), brigade (established remote HQ) and battle group headquarters (temporary, mobile remote HQ) remote locations. Issues with connectivity were a frequent issue, resulting in unreliable transmission of communications.


The solution needed to be able to operate completely autonomously in the event of network outage or complete node isolation, allowing collaboration on documents to occur in multiple locations regardless of the network status. To achieve this, Microsoft SharePoint 2010 technology combined with Iora’s Geo-Replicator server-to-server technology was utilised. ​​




Stable end user utilisation even when using low bandwidth and high latency satellite connections.

Greatly reduced data usage that minimises the cost of data transfers.

Allow SharePoint to be always available regardless of connectivity.

 Case Studies