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Myriad Technologies Business Services Cloud Services and Hosting
Cloud Services and Hosting

With the strategic shift to cloud services, many organisations are rapidly adopting the cloud as a platform for providing replacements for traditional on-premise services. SharePoint is an ideal candidate to be replaced with a cloud based service. This strategy helps reduce complexity and removes administrative burdens from internal staff.

Myriad Technologies' strategic partners such as Microsoft and Nintex enables us to provide innovative solutions in the cloud. Understanding the various options of public cloud, private cloud, hosting or hybrid models can overwhelm many organisations as they attempt to transition to the new world of cloud computing. Myriad Technologies can guide you through the many options available and help you understand which strategy is right for your organisation.

Myriad Technologies' expertise and proven track record in SharePoint has allowed us to become the natural choice as your strategic cloud partner. Whether you are seeking to migrate to Office 365 or Private Cloud, Myriad Technologies has extensive experience providing enterprise level cloud services. Myriad Technologies is one of the few SharePoint specialists that can provide a range of services to support your organisations migration to the cloud.

Book a complimentary meeting with us to discuss your organisation's hosting requirements and find out how Myriad Technologies can help you achieve your business goals.

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