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Content Replication

As one of the market leaders for content management and collaboration, SharePoint is now being deployed into locations where internet connectivity is either limited or non-existent.

These disconnected environments still require the collaborative and document management features of SharePoint. Through strategic partnerships with iOra and other organisations Myriad Technologies delivers solutions that provide the connected 'always on' experience for industries such as mining and exploration, building and construction, emergency services, and defence.

Myriad Technologies has extensive experience in creating and replicating SharePoint sites in geographically disbursed environments. In the situation where each location has intermittent or expensive connectivity these locations can be configured to support server-to-server replication.  This will enable the servers to be synchronised and the users in each location can enjoy using SharePoint at Local Area Network speeds.

In situations where there is no internet connectivity content can be accessed offline through the use of server-to-laptop replication.  This deployment option provides a full fidelity browsing and searching experience while the user is offline. This enables knowledge workers to reference and update documents while in the field. 

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