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Myriad Technologies Our Customers The Pharmacy Guild of Australia
The Pharmacy Guild of Australia

Country or Region Australia

Industry Pharmaceutical

Also applicable to
Public Sector, Health Care, Education, Mining, Energy, and Construction

Customer Profile
The Pharmacy Guild of Australia is the national peak body representing community pharmacy. It pursues to serve the interests of its members and to support community pharmacies in their role of delivering quality health outcomes for all Australians. ​

Business Situation
Pharmacy Guild was burdened with a legacy system that couldn’t meet the identified business requirements. Access to information was highly restrictive, tedious and cumbersome. Furthermore the legacy system had no capabilities for document collaboration other than through email.

​Rather than replacing the existing legacy system with another Document Management System, Myriad Technologies decided it was best to employ a full Knowledge Management System.

After interviewing employees, reviewing business processes, analysing the old system and revising how the organisation currently organises and tags information, Myriad Technologies ​leveraged SharePoint’s innovative features with advanced configuration over custom development to deliver a solution which met the organisation's needs.

​​​​The resulting system, which had to address 110 requirements outlined in the business case while also being easily adopted by users, was a success.


  • A significant improvement to the raw productivity of all employees across the organisation.
  • A dramatic reduction in duplication and conflicting data.
  • A noticeable improvement in the quality of work being completed.

 Case Studies