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Myriad Technologies Our Customers New Zealand Defence Force
New Zealand Defence Force

​​​​​Country or Region:​​​ New Zealand ​​

Industry: Defence 

Also applicable to: Mining, Maritime, Exploration, Military Industries, Army, Navy, Airforce and Government
Customer Profile

The New Zealand Defence Force aims to promote the security of New Zealand, and to protect its people and its national interests.

Business Situation

The New Zealand Defence Force required the ability to share information of a highly sensitive nature from the field and across the organisation in a timely manner; a specific challenge being the ability to move such information from a secure network to a deployed ​location. 


The solution Myriad Technologies developed to overcome the challenge of needing secure communication between two separate domains involves three key components​: the Turbine, a network applicance; the Geo-Replicator, an industry-leading replication tool; and SharePoint, a content collaboration platform​. To find out more, download the brochure at the bottom of this page.


Secure transfer of sensitive information across security boundaries.

Improved access to information allowing for more informed decision-​making. 

Reduced demand on personnel time to manually replicate content. ​


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