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Myriad Technologies Business Products Myriad Structured Activity Manager (MSAM)
Myriad Structured Activity Manager (MSAM)

The Myriad Structured Activity Manager (MSAM) is a add-on tool for SharePoint. It provides the ability to automate the creation of entire SharePoint based collaboration environments. It allows users to define what they need in SharePoint as a functional structured site, and it then provides the automation capability to make those fully functional environments available as a template to other users and groups. It generates 100% native SharePoint structures and objects.

The generated, fully functional SharePoint sites are automatically configured with the appropriate libraries, lists, security roles, users, fields (both visible and hidden), forms, workflows and apps.
By achieving what would normally be the role of a highly expensive SharePoint consultant, it saves significant time and money. One major Defence organisation was able to demonstrate a 3 month to 3 minute time saving to establish a new operating environment!


A​ctivity Portal & Activity Site

​​The most visible component of the Structured Activity Manager (MSAM) is the Activity Portal which is made up of multiple Activity Sites. Each Activity Site has been designed to support field activities and exercises to facilitate collaboration within the task forces or between multiple organisations who are participating in the field activity. The Activity Site enables all active and non-active participants to share information and collaborate in a well-structured manner which supports their respective field activities. The combined knowledge coalesces through each participant being provided a natural user interface which supports their collaborative needs while providing a secure information sharing environment.

Template Deployment (3 Months – 3 Minutes)

The MSAM uses a Unique Templating Engine design to enable the rapid compilation and deployment of Activity Sites to support a multitude of field activities. An Activity Site can be created by aggregating specific document templates, electronic forms and workflows to support a wide variety of Business Processes that need to be carried out while in the field or remote locations. This innovative template design allows the aggregation and re-use of a variety of templates to dramatically accelerate the deployment of Activity Sites. Traditionally this process has taken months to prepare for, but through the implementation of the Templating Engine these deployments can be accelerated to take only minutes.

No-Code Development of Templates

The Templating Engine leverages a revolutionary approach to creating and deploying Activity Site Templates through industry standard XML Configuration files. These templates can be rapidly defined through the use of Graphic User Interface or harvested for re-use from other Activity Sites. This ability to create fresh new templates or reuse templates from previous exercises provides a platform for rapidly adapting the templates for re-use over time. This ability to adapt and re-use templates means the Activity Sites can evolve over time to further meet the business requirements as the situation demands.​

Repeatable Processes (Reports & Returns)

The Activity Sites can be preloaded with electronic forms and workflows for automating and streamlining the day to day operational processes which are carried out as part of the Field Activity. This allows the Field workers to focus on their activities in the field rather than concentrating on “back of office” and administration tasks while in the field. The electronic forms and workflows can be associated with the type of Activity Site being deployed. This enables business processes to be templated and automated through the activity sites being provisioned.

Auto Tagging of Sites & Content

As content is created within the Activity Site there is a number of key contextual metadata attributes that can be automatically tagged on content. The in-built auto tagging functionality is completely transparent to the end user as the content is created and managed. This contextual auto tagging reduces the amount of manual tagging required by ​​the end user and streamlines the archival and record management business processes which can be performed as background tasks.​​

Template & Process Flexibility

One of the other major strengths of the solution is the level of granularity that the templating engine can achieve. From templating a site to the ability to specify document templates, the templating engine can be configured to repeatedly deploy a site template that underpins your field operations. These templates can be tweaked and refined either before, during or after your field operations. This limitless flexibility enables the Activity Sites to be fine-tuned at any time to enable the business processes to be adapted to provide process agility at the core of mission planning and execution.

Process Agility

Any of the workflows deployed as part of the SAM Solution can be altered at any time through a graphical user interface. This process agility allows non-technical users to change and adapt their business processes as your business processes change and the previous versions of the workflows will be recorded to ensure any unwanted changes to the business process can be rolled back to a previous version of the workflow if required.

Capture Records in-Place

The MSAM Activity Site will guarantee the capture and recording of key attributes about all the content as it is created in the field. The capture of the key attributes, such as who created the document, when it was created and where, enables these documents to be captured and saved as a record of the field activity. The capture of these records can be performed in real time, which enables the business users to commit a document or form as a record with the single click of a button, or the documents can be committed as a bulk record submission at the completion of the field activity. The MSAM integration interface ensures that these records are stored in the organisations chosen record management system to achieve compliance and discoverability, should the records be required in the future.​
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