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SharePoint rolls out Add-in Web Parts in modern pages
08 May, 2017 | Sophie Blackshaw


New capabilities will be rolled out to modern pages to allow users to add app parts from SharePoint Add-ins, Microsoft announced on Friday.

Now including dozens of options from the SharePoint Store, the new capability expands the available parts for modern pages significantly, giving designers new possibilities to further tailor their sites.

For developers, the new Add-ins provide further ways to extend SharePoint's user experience; specifically, there are more options in building out integrations.

From the Microsoft website:

"Provider-Hosted SharePoint Add-ins streamline how application developers build new applications using the platform of their choice, or bring in existing applications, and connect them into SharePoint sites.

Add-ins provide several integration mechanisms, including user experience integrations with app parts and custom actions, as well as process integrations with remote event receivers."

The Add-ins are available to site owners and users via the SharePoint Store, and can be deployed at different scopes within a farm or tenancy, i.e. to specific site collections, with specific controls over application security and access.

You can visit the SharePoint Store here.

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