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Nintex releases native Workflow for Box app
19 Oct, 2017 | Sophie Blackshaw

After recently announcing their partnership with Box, Nintex has revealed "a ton of new functionality" has arrived in the form of a new native app called Nintex Workflow for Box.

Prior to the partnership with Box, customers would initiate workflows by uploading files, and the workflow can take actions like routing the files for approval, storing them in a CRM, or sending them to an e-signature provider.

Now, in an effort to further empower Box users to move beyond file sharing into workflow and content automation, there are more capabilities.

In addition to the existing capabilities, workflows can be created and selectively started from within the Box user interface, and Nintex workflow activities can be viewed on the files within the Box.

The app is aimed at improving the way users collaborate on files that involve comments and edits from multiple users; for example, review processes.

Nintex also the example of using the app to prepare their marketing documents around the release of the app; they manually started the review process to get their marketing brochure approved, at which stage, the workflow moved it to a "ready for print" folder. It's about making the process more fluid, more consistent, governed way to get the asset approved and ready for whatever the next stage entails.

If you're already using Box and Nintex Workflow Cloud, you can add the Nintex Workflow for Box app; just provide the tenancy name and log in with your credentials. Alternatively, sign up for a trial.

For more information on using Nintex or other collaborative software, contact us.